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Introducing F4:
Flying Fox Female Founders Program

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Flying Fox Ventures are proud to be launching our inaugural pre-accelerator program focused on female founders in Victoria. 


We’re on a mission to:

  • Increase the number of female founders launching companies in Australia

  • Increase the quality of female founded businesses to ultimately:

  • Increase the number of deals into female founded businesses and increase the quantum of capital raised by female founders


Because while 38% of our capital is behind female founders currently, we recognize that female founders face unique challenges and barriers in accessing funding and resources. By establishing a program specifically tailored to support and uplift women entrepreneurs, we aim to level the playing field, nurture talent, and unlock the untapped potential of female-led startups. 


Give us one evening a week, for 1 quarter, and we’ll get help you catalyse your journey to starting a company.  We’ll get you in a small, tight-knit cohort of other like-minded, crazy-ambitious founders to take your idea from a shower thought to VC pitch-ready polish.


Together we’ll be tackling topics like: 

The Founder Mindset, Problem Validation, Customer Research, Customer Driven Product Design, Building an MVP, Testing an MVP, Choosing a business model, KPIs and metrics, First key hires, Go to market strategy, Fundraising, Pitching, Term sheets & Legals


We’ll also give you 6 months of mentoring once the 12 week program is over.

Who are you?

  • Female identified

  • Based in Victoria, Australia

  • Have a killer idea but haven’t yet launched your company / built a product

  • Hungry and ambitious

  • Looking to benefit from and contribute to a vibrant community of like-minded founders

How much?

The program is 100% free for participants, thanks to the generous and substantial support from LaunchVic. That said, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  


Here’s what all participants need to commit to:


  • 1 x 2 hr session per week for 12 weeks (see below for program dates; if you’re going to miss 1, that’s ok.  Everything will be recorded.  If you anticipate missing more than 2 sessions, this might not be right for you, right now)

  • 1 x 1 hour per week of pre-reading / homework

  • 30 mins per week of contribution to conversations happening in your Learning Group via Slack

  • A positive attitude, generosity of spirit, a willingness to get uncomfortable, and openness to try new things!

Applications are currently closed


When is this happening?


Who are we?


How is this possible?


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